About the Journal

e-Rhizome is an online scholarly, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the academic study of religion, society, culture and cognition. It covers a diversity of phenomena of the past as well as of the present based on empirical, source-based and experimental research. The main goal of the journal is to study human and society from the point of view of various disciplines such as religious studies, sociology, anthropology, historiography, and cognitive sciences. Another aim is to create a platform for international scholarly network and exchange, to promote research and polemics across disciplines, from humanities to natural sciences. The journal publishes research articles, review articles, book reviews, comments and discussion, and announces news about important events.

Journal e-Rhizome is based on the postulate that (post)modern society can be characterized by multiplicity of social interconnections, enormous variability of individual behavior, nomadic way of life and rhizomatic concept of thinking.

Published by the Palacký University Olomouc, the journal is issued twice a year in English.

e-Rhizome uses the system of manuscript electronic submission ACTAVIA.

For all editorial enquiries please contact the editor Tomáš Bubík (tomas.bubik@upol.cz)